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Alutech/Gunther Sectional Garage Doors

1.Thermal Insulation

Alutech/Gunther sandwich panels are 40mm thick.
Sandwich panels made our of three components: Esternal steel sheet, Internal steel sheet, Foamed polyurethane.
Thermal insulation of Alutech/Gunther doors panel corresponds to the following materials

Thermal transmittance of Alutech/Gunther doors

Trend Series U=1,35 W/(m2K)

based on tests conducted at the Rosenheim Institute

2.Sound Insulation


3.Reliable Coating

Resistance to Corrosion
Zinc coating 16 microns thick and double layer polyurethane coating (25-35 microns) on the panel outer surface which is modified with polyamide particles (PUR-PA) which protects the sandwich panels from scratches and abrasions caused by mechanical action and the effects of rain and coastal conditions.
Door panels and componenents have been confirmed in tests as being suitable for use in coastal conditions for up to 15 years.


Automatic Operation.

Doors open in around
15 seconds


Operate your door without leaving the car

It is known


The number of rainy days in Britain is 195


Thus you will get wet 195 times less.

Vertical Opening

Saving space in front of the garage

Spade for winter?


Don't have to clear snow in front of the garage



open/close cycles

which is equal to

17 years

of operation with
4 open/close
cycles per day

5.Resistance to wind loads

Speeds up to 120 km/h
Designed with English forecasts in mind

Doors withstand wind speed up to 120m/h

6.Excellent Design

Different panel patterns
To suit all decorative styles

                ribbed  panel          microwave    georgian

Colour range

14 standard colours
Can be finished in all RAL colours (232 colours)

Dark oak        Golden oak       Rosewood


Protection against door leaf falling
1 m2 of door leaf weighs approximately 15kg.
Weight of medium size door of Trend Series (7m2) - is more than 100kg.

Door stops if it meets an obstruction

door stops