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Why automation is an affordable option?

Many people today perceive automatic garage doors to be for buyers in the high-end of the market.
Once the benefits and affordability are revealed, customers soon realize that automation is an affordable option.

Easy to use
The door is opened/closed by the means of pressing a button on a small hand-held remote control transmitter. Some automatic garage systems allow you to operate your garage with your remote from 100 meters away. Additional accessories can be added to allow operation by means of a wall mounted push button.
Ever thought of never having to manually lift your garage door again? You no longer have to get out your car in the snow, ice, rain, dark or in the hot sun during the day. Push the button and you're in.
Ever had your garage door closed, yet you forgot to lock it with your key? Never fumble for keys again. Once your garage door is closed, it is locked. It can only be opened by you and your compact remote transmitter.
Never worry about the force of your garage door closing. If the door is closing yet is obstructed, it automatically stops so that the obstruction can be moved. The sensitivity of your garage door stopping while obstructed can be adjusted to suit your needs. As an added bonus, the opener is fitted with a light so that you will never trip in your dark garage.